Senior Tongan Government officer receives suspended sentence for carrying gun into nightclub

Court document says in August 2016 Hekisou Fifita, 48, was taken by the security guard out of the Nauti bar in Ma’ufanga.

When he got outside Fifita elbowed the security, who was also the complainant, in the chest. The· complainant pushed him away.

The complainant went back into the bar and the accused went to his car in the parking area.

Kaniva News reports Fifita returned with a .22 rifle seeking the complainant.

Tonga receives FIFA World Cup trophy for the first time

Tonga was selected to be one of the 51 countries to receive the trophy along with Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea during the 2018 World Cup Trophy Tour sponsored by Coca-Cola.

The Deputy Prime Minister Semisi Sika said, “Today marks a historic moment for Tonga as it is the first time in the history of football for the FIFA World Cup trophy to visit our shores.”

Emotions run high as body of dengue fever victim arrives in Auckland

As Kaniva News reported on Monday, Telefoni died of what health authorities described as “dengue shock syndrome.”

Her mother, ‘Alavina Telefoni, found it hard to see her cousins and relatives who were
waiting at the airport for her and her dead daughter.

She hugged and kissed some of them in a moment some described on Facebook as
“lo’imata’ia” (full of tears).

Toafei’s body was taken to the Anns Funeral Home and Onsite Cremations in Wiri, Manukau city.

Free surgical programmes to head to Tonga

Interplast has been sending teams annually to counter the tens of millions of people in the Asia/Pacific who do not have access to surgery.

In Tonga, a lack of medical resources and limited training means people with repairable conditions are not getting the care they need.

The surgeons will deal with patients who have conditions such as cleft lip and palate, burns scarring, hand injuries or tumours.

The Interplast team will be in Tonga in the last week of February and is encouraging appointments to be made at Vaiola Hospital.


No promise to set up dialysis unit in Tonga

The Ministry also says it has never promised to establish a dialysis unit in the kingdom.

Speaking to Kaniva News, Dr Sione Latu said the claims of 60 deaths were an exaggeration.

He said the last clinical audit in 2016 showed 38 cases who would be on dialysis if they were overseas, of whom five subsequently died. This was in line with world statistics.

Dr Latu was responding to claims reported in the New Zealand media from a Tongan man who was admitted to Middlemore Hospital two days after he arrived in the country with end-stage kidney failure.

PSA says Tonga's PM needs to provide clearer policy

This week the prime minister 'Akilisi Pohiva accused unnamed senior officials of being corrupt and said many were slowing the implementation of policy and causing the government to be dysfunctional.

The PSA's Mele 'Amanaki said the claims were general and unfounded.

"The accusation is very serious and very general also, but given the seriousness of the accusations it is unfounded and needs evidence to back up his comments."

She also said the government had provided nothing in writing to plan out the next few years and the same thing occurred during its last term.

Tonga awaits arrival of FIFA World Cup Trophy

Tonga is one of the 51 countries around the globe to receive the FIFA World Cup Trophy and for the first time ever in the history.

Tonga Football president, Lord Ve’ehala expressed his gratitude and appreciation to FIFA and Coca-Cola in selecting Tonga to be one of few countries to be part of the trophy’s journey and for Tongans to taste the emotion that the trophy will bring and of course it is happen once in a lifetime.

Dengue claims life of 12 year girl in Tonga

Hospital staff initially thought it was a form of flu, but her condition deteriorated rapidly and showed signs of what he called “dengue shock syndrome.”

Blood tests pointed to dengue and a sample had been sent to New Zealand for further testing and serotyping.

Telefoni who is from New Zealand died at Vaiola Hospital last Tuesday, 24 January.

She was due to return home today.

There have been 19 other cases of the dengue reported.

Tonga's PM accuses senior civil servants of being corrupt

'Akilisi Pohiva said some government officials did not work to the best of their ability because they didn't like him politically.

Mr Pohiva said the behaviour had to be stopped because it had caused the government to be dysfunctional.

He said the majority of people were ready to build the nation but that government was finding it difficult to move forward.

Kaniva News reported the Prime Minister as saying there was no use in the government having good policies when those who are required to implement them are corrupt.

Former hotel employee to be sentenced for theft and accounting fraud

Selemana Fonua was guilty of false accounting and theft after the Supreme Court found she was responsible for false documents namely spreadsheets with false names which are contrary to section 159 (a) of Criminal Offence Acts.

Kaniva News reports Judge Charles Cato convicted Fonua on 19 January on both charges.

Justice Cato said Fonua prepared the spreadsheets that caused Tanoa Fiji to pay a sum in wages to Tonga that enabled her to draw a cheque to pay for wages.

Court documents showed this took place seventeen times between 22 May and 11 December 2015.