Digicel supports Seventh-Day Adventist congress

The women’s congress invites delegates from across 10 countries including officials in the Pacific including, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon islands, Samoa, Kiribati, Nauru, American Samoa, Niue, Tuvalu and the hosting country, Tonga.

The congress is expected to run for 5 days until the final day on the 22nd April.

Digicel proudly support the Seventh-Days Adventist church Women’s Congress from all across the Pacific with free visitor sims equipped with free bundles for delegates to use during their time of visit in the Kingdom.

Scenic Hotel group mute over Tonga withdrawal

The company had been running the Scenic Hotel Tonga near the country's only international airport, Fu'amotu.

Attempts by RNZ Pacific to get the company to explain its exit have been unsuccessful.

In Tonga, there has been speculation that a new law affecting foreign owned businesses may have been a factor in the withdrawal, and that a refurbished Dateline International hotel in the heart of the capital may also have had an effect.

Scenic, which manages a number of hotels in New Zealand, also runs the Matavai Resort in Niue.


Tongans warned about pyramid scheme

The National Reserve Bank of Tonga said WorldVenture was clearly a multi-level marketing company that encouraged people to recruit more members.

The bank said it had become aware that the company had received support in the Tongan community.

Pyramid schemes are unsustainable business models and are illegal under the country's Financial Institutions Act, the bank said.


Tonga to set up satellite internet connection

Satellite operator Kacific Broadband Satellites said it had signed a 15-year agreement with the state-owned Tonga Satellite.

It would connect communities in nearly 90 remote outer islands with high speed internet, Kacific said.

Kacific chief executive Christian Patouraux said until now, rural areas depended on urban centres to distribute bandwidth to them.

"With Kacific's solution for Tonga, urban centres need rural and remote areas in reciprocal cooperation to complete the urban infrastructure build up," he said.

Tonga signs medical referral deal with Indian hospital group

The chief executive of Tonga's Ministry of Health says the Apollo hospital group has been receiving referrals from Fiji for the past six years and from Samoa over the last year.

Dr Siale 'Akauola said a Tongan medical team visited the hospital in India before the new agreement was signed.

He said the deal was an affordable option for Tonga.

Zumba training takes off in Tonga

The lessons are aimed at preparing representatives from a range of Tongan government ministries to lead and choreograph zumba and aerobic exercise classes in their organisations.

The programme is being led by Onetoto 'Anisi, the deputy head of the Internal Affairs Ministry, to promote exercise, fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

He said if civil servants are fit and healthy their work output will help the government achieve its objectives.

He said there are plans to do more zumba training classes for instructors around Tonga's communities.

NZ Tribunal rules staying would be in best interests of Tongan woman and her children

The woman arrived in New Zealand in 2011.

Kaniva News reports she had been granted a limited general visa for one month to enable her to visit one of her brothers here. She was pregnant and gave birth to her son in June 2011.

He is a   New Zealand citizen by birth.

The son’s father is a Tongan citizen with residence  in New Zealand.   The appellant applied for a further visitor visa in June 2011,  but her application was declined.  She has remained in New Zealand illegally since then.

Tonga's prime minister in hospital

It is understood the 77-year-old was diagnosed with pneumonia and is recovering.

His media spokesperson Lōpeti Senituli told Kaniva News last night that Mr Pohiva is fine.

In a previous interview, Mr Pōhiva told Kaniva News said his routine check-ups with his doctors showed he was healthy but he said he sometimes felt the burden of his duties for the country.

In January last year, he was admitted into Vaiola hospital in a "stable condition."

20 Tongan households damaged by Cyclone Ian in 2014 need assistance

Governor Rev Dr Mohenoa Puloka said these houses were damaged during the cyclone and now they still need the assistance, claiming the government only gave the victims of Ian materials for reconstruction such as corrugated iron.

However, the people of Ha’apai learned to cope with the impacts following Ian and started rebuilding their community halls, schools and even the hospital with assistance from the Government and foreign donors.

Tonga's government backs 2006 riots investigation

It follows a call from the King in his closing speech to parliament last week.

A government spokesperson, Lopeti Senituli, said Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva would welcome a commission of inquiry.

But he said he was not sure what it would achieve, given that criminal prosecutions have already taken place.

"At the moment there hasn't been any discussion at all about what the commission is going to do, who is going to be the members of the commission etc., nothing."


Photo RNZ. Caption: Government spokesperson, Lopeti Senituli,