20 Tongan households damaged by Cyclone Ian in 2014 need assistance

About 20 households in Ha’apai still need the Government’s assistance following the devastation from Tropical Cyclone Ian in 2014.

Governor Rev Dr Mohenoa Puloka said these houses were damaged during the cyclone and now they still need the assistance, claiming the government only gave the victims of Ian materials for reconstruction such as corrugated iron.

However, the people of Ha’apai learned to cope with the impacts following Ian and started rebuilding their community halls, schools and even the hospital with assistance from the Government and foreign donors.

Dr Puloka also highlighted urgent needs from the people of Ha’apai, are water tanks as some of the outlying islands do not have access to the underground water as well as  seedlings for growers.

TBC reports Tropical Cyclone Ian with strong winds ripped through the Ha’apai Hahake Districts on January 11, 2014 flattening homes, uprooting trees, destroying food crops and displacing thousands of families.

A report from FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture in 2014 stated the damage and loss to the agriculture and fisheries sectors caused by Tropical Cyclone Ian was estimated at 38.5 million Pa’anga, and 4.1 million Pa’anga needed to restore food security and livelihoods in the affected districts of Lifuka, Foa, Ha’ano and ‘Uiha.


Photo file Twiiter@ProudTongans Caption: The trail of destruction on Ha’apai left behind by Tropical Cyclone Ian in 2014