China’s Dongguan Province donates equipment to Tonga

The Government of Tonga has received 100 water tanks, six tractors, 50 solar streetlamps and other equipment from Dongguan Municipality in Guangdong Province of the People’s Republic of China.

The various of equipment was handed over by the Head of the United Front Work Department of CPC Dongguan Committee, Chen Zhiwei to the Deputy Prime Minister of Tonga and Minister for Infrastructure and Tourism, Semisi Sika at St. George Palace.

Mr. Zhiwei also presented a cheque of ¥ 2 million to the Minister of Fisheries, Semisi Tauelangi Fakahau to finance the building of new fishing boats.

CEO for Health Dr. Siale ‘Akau’ola, eloquently expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of the Government of Tonga to the Dongguan City for their generous donations.

“This is indeed a great partnership in an area that is challenging. You’ve selected one of our most vulnerable areas not only to disasters but also to threats of climate change. You embrace the theme of not leaving anyone behind.”

This generous donation comes under the mutual agreement between the Dongguan City of the People’s Republic of China and Ha’apai, which was signed in 2016.