STOP BLOCK TELL! Digicel Tonga & Talitha Project help stop cyberbullying across communities

Digicel Tonga in partnership with Talitha Project declared Friday, 6 July ‘stop cyberbullying day’ in an effort to create awareness about the effects of cyberbullying in the communities.

Cyberbullying isn’t a problem limited to specific countries

In the Pacific, it’s becoming more and more common.

In Tonga, as the country continues to grow fast in its access to mobile and internet technology, cyber security and safety has become a key priority of the Government and Private Sector to ensure everyone plays their part in making a safer and secure online experience for all. 

It is about using the internet, mobiles, or other technology to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.

Some forms of cyberbullying are starting rumours through instant messaging, name calling in chat rooms, forwarding of private messages to others, insults through social media channels such as Facebook and posting patronizing pictures of someone else.

The programme on Friday, gave the organisers an opportunity to share the educational drive with schools that was launched last month and although small, it has created some significant impact in getting schools to ‘talk about it’ and ‘act upon it.’

The main objective was to ‘stop cyber bullying’ and create an awareness amongst the community with the focus to educate children about a safer online experience. 

Takuilau College, Tonga College, ACTs Community School and Ocean of Light School School Representatives were all present at Tanoa International Dateline Hotel. 

Ben Kealy, CEO for Digicel Tonga and Vanessa Heleta, Director for Talitha Project presented the four schools with their prize:  12 months free Internet and free broadcasting of their video on Digicel Play TV.

In addition, Mr Kealy donated $1000 cash to all the schools.

The staff of Digicel Tonga, Talitha Project and the participating schools dressed in light blue as a mark to ‘stop cyberbullying’ and launched the song ‘Think Again’ online.

Click here to share the link to all your contacts to help spread the word about the negative effects of cyberbullying and the need to stop cyberbullying.


Photos Digicel Tonga