Push to unite Pacific businesses in New Zealand

The Samoa Business Network is branching out to unite Pacific businesses in New Zealand and across the region.

In September they will launch the Tonga Business Network with a goal to establish other Pacific business networks as well.

Their work follows an economic strategy put in place by the New Zealand government to grow Pacific businesses.

The Pacific economic strategy 6 year plan launched in 2015 aims to see more sustainable Pacific-owned businesses in the country and increase their access to mentors and business networks.

SBN's Co-founder Laura Keil-Hall said the goal is to create a wider Pacific Business Network within New Zealand.

Samoan business woman Nora Swann said she hoped other Pasifika businesses will feel encouraged to join the networks.

I think collaboration is the key. So if we have more people jumping on that bandwagon, it strengthens it and it gives it more value. So if we can move together as a group and give our people more opportunities, we're definitely a force to reckon with."

A report looking into New Zealand's Pacific economic trends in 2016 identified 252 registered Pasifika businesses in the country.

Ms Keil Hall said she hopes that being a part of a Pacific network will help encourage other Pasifika to get into business.