New Zealand

Medical aid ship stranded in Fiji

Youth with a Mission Ships Aotearoa sails to remote Fijian islands to provide free healthcare, but Koha is currently at a standstill because of a broken tailshaft bearing.

Managing director Marty Emmett told Morning Report the vessel was specially equipped with two on-board dental clinics and other medical equipment.

He said more than 5000 people living in isolated islands in Fiji had benefited from the ship in the past two years.

New Zealand not alone in failing to meet climate challenge - UN

It has been almost eight years since 195 countries signed the Paris Agreement and promised to cut their emissions.

The United Nations measured their progress in its latest report, part of an overall 'global stocktake' that will form the basis of the COP28 summit later this year.

University of Canterbury political science professor Bronwyn Hayward said the results were mixed.

"This is telling us how the world is progressing, which is not well," she said.

"Not as absolutely terrible as it could be, but we're still heading for a 2.5C warmer world."

NZ’s Tongan community to promote language sustainability

Pacific Peoples Minister Barbara Edmonds said language is more than a means of communication.

She said it's an important way to link generations and maintain connections to ancestral roots.

There are more than 82,000 Tongans in Aotearoa.


Tongans 'thankful' to police

RNZ Pacific correspondent Kalafi Moala said Vea said they were at level 21 of the building where the shooting was taking place, about six levels away from the gunman, when they were instructed to leave.

"We ran down to level 15 before we were told to return to level 16 because the shooter was heading our way," he said.

And while they moved to level 16, he heard more gunshots.

Vea said he was thankful that the NZ Police were quick to send the chopper which helped save them, Moala said.

Australian rugby league boss confirms New Zealand could host State of Origin game from 2027

ARL Commission chairman Peter V’landys confirmed to The Australian newspaper that New Zealand was “absolutely a consideration’’ for a State of Origin fixture between Queensland and New South Wales.

“At the moment, the Origin scheduling has already been locked in for the next three years, but we are ecstatic at the success of rugby league in New Zealand,’’ V’landys said.

“The Warriors have been outstanding this season and naturally we want to keep that momentum going.

“A historic State of Origin match in New Zealand is definitely something we will consider.”

China, New Zealand find common ground in scientific collaboration

A report commissioned by the New Zealand China Council has found 11.6 percent of all New Zealand research in 2022 was co-authored with Chinese researchers, an increase from 2017's 7.7 percent figure.

Council chair John McKinnon said the report pointed to China as a leading research partners across multiple disciplines, behind Australia (20 percent), the United States (17.5 percent) and the United Kingdom (14.2 percent).

Texel Air launches freight service in New Zealand

New Zealand-owned charter cargo airline Texel Air began operations in the small Middle-Eastern nation of Bahrain, but has expanded to New Zealand to address what it saw as a gap in the market.

Texel Air works with companies in the freight and airline industries, and governments, rather than selling directly to customers.

The airline said it was launching with New Zealand Post and Parceline Express (owned by Freightways) as its foundation customers.

Overstayer pleads for help to pay for medical treatment

He is unable to cover the costs anymore because he is an overstayer and cannot afford to pay for his medical bills.

 As PMN News John Pulu reports, an immigration lawyer says this is not an isolated case and there are more in the same situation.

Making a cup of coffee used to be simple for Samuela ‘Onesi, but now it’s no longer a simple task. In October 2022 something happened that changed his life forever.

Jason Momoa receives warm kiwi welcome despite playing villain in latest film

The actor took a dive into the shadows with a wicked grin, captivating audiences with nuances of playful supervillains.

At the recent red carpet premiere, Momoa’s presence was met with overwhelming excitement and support from fans and fellow New Zealand celebrities.

Tagata Pasifika reports Momoa revealed that playing the villain was a refreshing and enjoyable experience, when asked about immersing himself in the character,

“It was fun. I wanted to make him approachable,” he says.

Tractors wanted to help farmers in Tonga

The Pasifika Safe Shelter Trust has sent several reconditioned tractors to Tonga since the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted last year, smothering fields with tonnes of ash.

Chairman Peter Rodwell said a year or so on there was still a need for equipment to mix the ash into the soil and allow crops to flourish.

"The volcanic ash is actually quite rich in elements."

He said the charity was keen for more non-electronic tractors, particularly old Massey Fergusons because they were relatively easy to fix.