Digicel Tonga supports awareness programmes to end TB

Digicel in partnership with Tonga’s Ministry of Health conducted a week-long awareness in the lead up to World Tuberculosis (TB) Day on 24 March.

This year’s theme is “It’s Time to End TB”.

Tuberculosis is a common disease in most Pacific Island countries affecting people in different livelihoods.

To mark the awareness week, Digicel was fortunate to have Dr Joseph Takai from the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Division to enlighten staff in an engage and learn session on what TB is, the causes and most importantly what to do and how to prevent it.

The session was attended by the Digicel staff who were broadened in their understanding of the disease and what the public can do to reduce TB in the country.

Digicel is proud to support the Public Health Division in creating awareness of TB through various mediums.

For more facts on Tuberculosis follow the Digicel Tonga Facebook page.


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