Tevita Tongotea Wins $200 Shopping Voucher

Tevita Tongotea and his family were so happy to be rewarded with a $200 shopping voucher for Digicel Tonga’s Christmas Home & Entertainment promotion.

“Wow, today is my first time ever to win a prize from Digicel and I’m very happy,” said Tevita who is the fourth winner for this Promotion.

“We really enjoy the entertainment on Digicel TV and especially my children whom I like them to stay home safe from the trouble out there. Digicel TV helps to keep them home, watching lots of movies, cartoons and different programs.”

Tevita thanked Digicel for being generous, to share such a wonderful gift with him and his family which certainly will mean an enjoyable shopping experience for the family this week just in time for Christmas.

The Digicel Tonga Christmas Home & Entertainment promotion ends next January rewarding TV & Home Internet customers a chance to win a $200 shopping voucher every week or one of two 58’ TV flat screen grand prize.