'Bin Laden's son Hamza urges terror attack' on London

Al-Qaeda has released a message claiming to show Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza urging terrorist attacks to be carried out in London and in other countries allied to the US.

Hamza bin Laden, believed to be in his mid-20s and reportedly known as the ‘crown prince of terror’, has been touted as a future leader of al-Qaeda.

In the message, which was shared on Twitter, he calls for lone wolf jihadist attacks on America and its allies and marks out London, Washington, Paris and Tel Aviv as specific  targets.

The message made no mention of Isis.

Rita Katz, director of Site, a terror intelligence group, tweeted: "Hamza Bin Laden, son of Usamah bin Laden [sic], gives strategies in continuing global jihad in audio message.

"Hamza Bin Laden lived the life of jihad with his father throughout AQ’s [al-Qaeda] creation in Afghanistan.

"With Hamza, AQ hopes to renew the popularity of AQ by reviving the brand of 'AQ = Bin Laden'.

"AQ leadership wants Hamza as a future leader: someone loved and inspirational, without a negative reputation or participation in infighting.

"Hamza Bin Laden calls to move the war from Kabul, Gaza and Baghdad, to Washington, London, Paris and Tel-Aviv. Urges: 'This is your duty'.

"Hamza Bin Laden urged lone wolf attacks in the US and the West; targeting of Jewish American interests globally."

It is believed that the message was recorded prior to June but has only just been released.

Since Osama bin Laden’s death in Pakistan in 2011 at the hands of US special forces troops, the terrorist group has been led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was his right-hand man.

It is believed Hamza bin Laden took part in attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan as early as ten years ago.