Fiji Police investigating plot to destabilise government

Fiji Police are investigating an alleged plot to destabilise the government.

Email correspondence was discovered by an internet shop owner which spoke about ministers in government and Acting Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho.

The alleged plot came to light after an internet shop owner of Lautoka was allegedly physically abused with a hot rod by police officers in the West.

Speaking to FBC News, Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho says a team from internal affairs has been sent to the West to investigate.

Brigadier General Qiliho has also given a directive to all Police Officers in the Western Division to lay off the victim while he is admitted in hospital.

“Yes, I can confirm that and he has also provided us information that he has found on his computers that we’re working on now with investigations.That I cannot divulge at the moment but definitely it has something to do with destabilization of government and also prominent people in Fiji including myself.”

Brigadier General Qiliho wouldn’t speak on the nature of the emails in question and also didn’t answer questions about whether police officers were involved in the alleged plot to undermine national security.

He is expected to give more detailed reports in a few days once officers have followed up all the leads.

“That’s the big question right now that the investigators are looking into and I'm hoping my officers are not involved but if they are involved then surely they will be taken to task.”

Brigadier General Qiliho says they are thoroughly involved in the investigation and Fijians need not be alarmed.

Meanwhile, 32 year old Rajneel Singh who alerted police about the alleged plot is in hospital after allegedly being abused by police officers.

Singh has burn marks after a hot piece of metal was pressed on his back.

Acting Police Commissioner Brigadier General Qiliho has directed all police officers in the West to stay away from the victim while he recovers in hospital.

Brigadier General Qiliho also confirms that the military is currently looking after Singh in hospital to keep away anyone who tries to get access to him.