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Fiji PM confirms Election chief's resignation

Local media is reporting Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has confirmed his resignation.

Saneem had been suspended on full pay in January, and the Constitutional Offices Commission (COC) had recommended that a tribunal be set up to examine complaints against him.

Rabuka told Fiji Village if there are other complaints, they will have to go through other legal processes.

Fiji minister's assurance after military leader expresses security concerns

The Government, a three-party coalition led by Sitiveni Rabuka, has been in power for less than a month.

On Tuesday, Major-General Jone Kalouniwai warned the government was taking "shortcuts that circumvent the relevant processes and procedures" which could lead to "long-term national security consequences".

Kalouniwai's statement also highlighted the military's "guardian role" in the constitution, which he claimed was to ensure "excesses [of power] of the past are not repeated".

Fiji govt to reinstate USP grant contributions

Finance minister Biman Prasad told RNZ Pacific all three parties in the coalition had promised this in their election campaigns and manifestos.

The former FijiFirst government have withheld the payments since 2019 over a protracted battle with the institution's deported Vice Chancellor, Pal Ahluwalia, now operating in exile out of Samoa.

"They didn't like a man who was doing the right thing who exposed corruption within the university," Prasad said.

University lobby group fears for its future

The Government has failed to pay its obligatory grant to the university for the past three years, and now owes the USP more than $60 million Fijian dollars.

The group says Fiji benefits hugely from the USP.

They say for every dollar invested by the Government the return to the Fiji economy is eight dollars from taxes, rents, medical spending, utilities, food and other good, and transport.

Fiji govt buys shares in Drua rugby team

The purchase is worth $6 million Fiji dollars, equivalent to $3 million US dollars.

It was announced as part of the Revised National Budget, in the Fiji Parliament Thursday night by Minister of Finance Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

The Minister also explained that it had acquired a 51 percent share in Counter Ruck Pte Limited, which was established to manage and operate the Drua team.

Calls for Fiji govt to give updates on PM's health

Fijian social media has been buzzing with rumours that Bainimarama's health has deteriorated after undergoing heart surgery at a Melbourne hospital last month.

But democracy advocate Pita Waqavonovono said Fijian citizens deserved to know the health status of the leader of the country.

He said the government's decision to remain silent did not help quell such rumours.

Fiji university threat draws ire in New Zealand

This week the Fijian Government announced it wouldn't pay its multi-million grant to the university while the current vice chancellor Pal Ahluwalia remained at his post.

It has called for another investigation after an earlier one revealed significant abuses by the former Vice Chancellor, Rajesh Chandra, who is believed to have close links with the Fiji Government.

The Fiji Government earlier this year deported Professor Ahluwalia and his wife, after accusing them of immigration breaches.

Fiji government criticised for employment conditions forcing Covid-19 vaccination

Workers rights advocates and legal experts believe it is unconstitutional for Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama to give workers an ultimatum to get the vaccine or lose their jobs.

There are now more than 9000 active cases in isolation -and 56 deaths linked to the current outbreak that started in April.

Workers rights advocates and legal experts in Fiji have labelled the government's Covid-19 response as being "more of a fire brigade approach" and that it is not in control in the fight against the deadly virus.

400 jobs for Fijians as US TV show to begin filming amid Covid-19

Filming of the reality TV show will be held on the Mamanuca Islands amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the launch of the $US17,000 locally-produced movie Him - The Angry One in Suva last Saturday, Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya said the US Survivor show has a budget of more than $US40 million.

Mr Koya said the Survivor Series would spend about $US15m while shooting in Fiji.

The audio-visual industry is increasingly becoming a critical industry, especially in Fiji's economic recovery post-covid, the minister said.

Fiji Govt says Lautoka still locked down but not Suva

The country's second biggest city of Lautoka - where the first case was reported - has been in lockdown since 20 March.

However Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said the risk of transmission in the latest Suva case was low and tracing teams were tracking down everyone who was in contact with the patient.

He said the man adhered to all the health advice offered and took the necessary precautions to isolate himself at home upon his arrival from abroad.

Mr Bainimarama took the opportunity to underline the importance of isolation.