Former foes Pauline Hanson, Tony Abbott 'catch up' for coffee in Facebook video

Two politicians sitting down to a cup of coffee does not generally make the news, but when they are two former foes and the evidence is posted on Facebook it is a different matter altogether.

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson and former prime minister Tony Abbott have not had the best of relationships over the years.

Senator Hanson has held Mr Abbott responsible for her three-year jail sentence for electoral fraud, of which she served 11 weeks before the conviction was quashed.

She argued he was involved in bankrolling the court cases which led to her brief imprisonment in 2003.

"Pauline, it's good to catch up with you again after all these years," Mr Abbott said in the video of their meeting posted to Senator Hanson's Facebook page.

Senator Hanson replied: "Yes, I think it is great too, and I really appreciate you coming to my office and saying hello, and welcoming me to Parliament".

"We've had a bit of a chat, we've had a cup of coffee, and it's great, and I really do appreciate that Tony."

Mr Abbott said there were half a million people who voted for Senator Hanson at the election, and that she would be a strong voice for their concerns.

Posting the video on social media is further evidence of Senator Hanson's approach to her second term in Parliament, effectively cutting out journalists and taking her message straight to the people.

It is a method many politicians are employing, but not with the same regularity and efficacy as Senator Hanson.