Six dead after drinking methanol in PNG, over a dozen under observation

Six men have died after drinking methanol over the weekend in Lae City in Morobe Province.

One remains in critical condition at the Angau Hospital while 12 more are being kept close observation.

The deceased were among a group of 15 from the Salamander suburb who consumed the methanol on Friday through to Saturday last week.

Daniel Narako who took one of them to hospital said the symptoms were unusual and disturbing.

"We didn't know what he had taken until we took him to hospital in the early hours of the morning," Daniel said.

"He lost sight and was incoherent. He could hear me but he couldn't see me."

About 10 liters of the chemical was stolen by one of the men on Friday.

It was then mixed and sold.

By Saturday, all six were experiencing blindness and severe disorientation.

Three years ago, 12 people died in the Eastern Highlands after drinking methanol.

Police have begun investigations.