Want to be killed by tobacco?

​Do you want to be among the 7 million killed by tobacco yearly?

Take a moment today on World No Tobacco Day to reflect on health problems that tobacco use can cause.

Tobacco use is still one of main factors behind the global non-communicable disease crises.

Highlighted in the Tobacco Free Pacific 2025, tobacco use is the major cause of preventable premature death in many Pacific islands.

The tobacco use prevalence and prevalence of exposure to second-hand smoke in the Pacific are very high. For example, over 70% of men in one Pacific island smoke, while in another, close to 55% of women smoke. Nonsmokers are also burdened. As much as 76% of young people are exposed to second-hand smoke inside the home and 86% outside the home in the Pacific.

Each Pacific Islands have taken action to cut down on the statistics.

Papua New Guinea passed its Tobacco Control Act 2016 last year; a law to see much greater tobacco product control in the country.

World No Tobacco Day, recognised by the World Health Organisation and United Nations, is observed yearly to raise awareness on health problems that tobacco use can cause.

This event has been observed each year since 1989.

Gloria Bauai