Ahmet Davutoglu

Turkey urges renewed global efforts to stem refugee wave

Davutoglu, speaking with journalists at the U.N. on Monday, said that the only way to prevent new waves of refugees flowing from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya is to stop atrocities committed by the Syrian regime and the Islamic State group and to create safe areas for Syrians within their country.

Turkey's Erdogan says he will call a new election for Nov. 1

Erdogan said he will meet with the parliament speaker on Monday, the day after the deadline for forming a new government, to complete the formalities. "After that, we will take our country to early elections," he said.

Turkey coalition talks fail; new elections loom

Davutoglu said discussions with pro-secular party leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu were frank but the two party leaders could not reach common ground for a power-sharing deal.

"The likelihood of going to (elections) has increased. In fact, it has become the only option," Davutoglu said after the talks that lasted less than two hours

He did not say when the elections could be held but said a date should be set "at the closest time possible."