Akilisi Pohiva

Tonga government steps away from CEDAW ratification

Matangi Tonga reports the Prime Minister Akilisi Pohiva told the Tongan parliament on Monday that the government would not ratify CEDAW.

Mr Pohiva has expressed concern over how the country has been divided over the issue of CEDAW, and said the government is stepping back from it to diffuse tensions in the community.

He says the government's approach to the contentious issue will be to introduce a Bill on Referendums to parliament, to make it possible for Tonga to hold a referendum on CEDAW.

Tongan PM attends Cook Islands 50th Independence celebrations in Rarotonga

The invitation was made to Prime Minister Pohiva by his Cook Islands counterpart, Henry Puna.

Information from the Prime Minister's Office says the Government of Tonga established diplomatic relation with the Government of the Cook Islands in August 2014. 

This visit will further strengthen the friendship and cooperation newly established diplomatic relation between the two countries.

The Prime Minister is accompanied by the Chief Secretary & Secretary to Cabinet Dr. Palenitina Langa'oi.

Tonga Govt says committed to running Games

In a statement he says there has been confusion and doubt as to whether Tonga would go ahead with the event.

But the prime minister says while it is the utmost challenge for the government it will do its best to seek financial assistance from its donor and development partners.

Mr Pohiva says the government is convinced of the benefits of hosting the games, not only in upgrading venues but the benefits to the economy.