Akilisi Pohiva

Tonga's by-election: 2 high-profile candidates vie for seat

Mr Pohiva, who died in September, had held the Tongatapu No1 seat for 32 years.

The by-election will be held on 28 November.

Noted scientist Netatua Prescott Taufatofua is competing against Mr Pohiva's eldest son, Saiosi for the seat.

She said there was a lot of talk of good governance and accountability but those principles were not always respected by members of parliament.

New Tonga PM rejects claims of betraying predecessor

Mr Tu'i'onetoa was elected prime minister last week to replace Mr Pohiva, who died last month in Auckland.

He achieved this by crossing the floor and taking several members of the PTOA Party with him to form a new party with the nobles.

But local media have reported the remnants of Mr Pohiva's party as saying this was a betrayal of the late prime minister by Mr Tu'i'onetoa and his colleagues.

The new prime minister said this is wrong.

Late Tongan PM 'Akilisi Pohiva remembered as 'beacon of democracy'

His death was confirmed by the government this morning. Tonga's parliament has been adjourned indefinitely, and Mr Pohiva's deputy, Semisi Sika, is the acting prime minister.

Mr Pohiva, who became prime minister in 2014, was flown to an Auckland hospital with pneumonia on Wednesday, his condition steadily deteriorating. Mr Pohiva had been in poor health for the past few years, and he spent much of this year in Auckland being treated for liver complications.

Pohiva says Tongan King should be ceremonial figure only

Mr Pohiva was speaking after the removal of his government and the calling of new elections over allegations he had been seeking to reduce the authority of King Tupou VI.

But he said power should rest with those elected by the people.

Radio Tonga reported him saying Tongans should learn from historical events and the path the world is taking.

The Prime Minister said the most important principle to be upheld is accountability, with the executive accounting to each other as well as the people who elected them.

Action is urgently needed against Pohiva says Noble

Lord Fusitu'a said there have been a series of breaches of the rule of law, of the principles of democracy and the Constitution under the government of 'Akilisi Pohiva.

Mr Pohiva had already survived a vote of no-confidence and another such vote cannot be submitted until next year but Lord Fusitu'a said a group of MPs are looking at other avenues to remove the prime minister.

He said something needs to be done because there was discontent and disillusionment throughout the country.

Tonga's PM calls state broadcaster 'enemy of govt'

Mr Pohiva said he was not happy with how the Tonga Broadcasting Commission operated and a review would be carried out over the next month.

The prime minister said the services may be better carried out by a different provider.

Mr Pohiva, who has long been at loggerheads with the management of the TBC, said the broadcaster was an obstacle and a real constraint on the work of government.

Tongan PM not worried about no-confidence motion

The motion was submitted this week and signed by seven Noble Representatives and three People's MPs including former Deputy Prime Minister Samiu Vaipulu and sacked Internal Affairs Minister Fe'ao Vakata.

'Akilisi Pohiva said he continued to have the majority support of the 26-member parliament.

The motion is currently before the Parliamentary Privileges Standing Committee before a date for the motion is announced.

Mr Pohiva said he wanted to know on what basis the motion had been submitted.

Tonga parliament debates Indonesia ties

According to Matangi Tonga, he made the comment after being accused by Lord Nuku of interfering in Indonesia's affairs by speaking about concern for what Mr Pohiva claimed to be the ill treatment of West Papuans.

Mr Pohiva spoke at the United Nations last month when several Pacific concern about human rights abuses by Indonesian forces in Papua.

Lord Nuku said Indonesia had already responded that it didn't like Tonga's interference.

He said the Cabinet was convinced that what the PM did was right, but he was convinced that it clashed with the Constitution.

Tonga PM here to assess our Games effort

Sports and Tourism Minister Justin Tkatchenko welcomed Pohiva and his delegation at the Jackson international airport. 

In a brief conference with the media, Pohiva explained that his trip was to see and learn how PNG government built the Pacific Games facilities and hosted the successful Games last year. 

Pohiva will be meeting Prime Minister Peter O'Neill tomorrow. 

The Prime Minister and his delegation will leave for Tonga on Tuesday. 

He was accompanied by his Internal Affairs Minister Feaomoeata Vakata and other officials.

Tonga Broadcasting Commission chair rejects plea

The Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva and Public Enterprises Minister Poasi Tei, are reported to have begged Lady Eseta Fusi'tua to give up the post.

The Ministry of Public Enterprises has said it also wants two other directors to resign voluntarily but the Radio Tonga reports the Public Relations Commission, saying the contracts of all three are valid for three years.

Lady Fusitu'a says she is not going and she says forcing directors to resign seems unlawful.