Amini Fonua

Tongan swimmer Amini Fonua disqualified after event in Tokyo

The Official Olympics website posted the results of the event without any reasons behind the disqualifications.

Team Tonga Swimming Management is expected to release a statement later on today on the issue.

The event was held on Saturday night at the Tokyo Aquatic Centre.


Amini Fonua making a splash in and out of the pool

He's won a bunch of regional medals in the pool and carried the Tongan flag at the 2012 London Games. 

But his impact outside of the pool as a gay athlete is just as significant, becoming a spokesman and advocate for the rainbow community, particularly Pasifika youth.

"I think it's incredibly important to be a role model for the LGBTQ community, the rainbow community, I don't think we really realise how important role models are until we start growing up and thinking back to what we were like when we were younger. 

Tongan Olympian criticises The Daily Beast article on gay hook-ups in Rio

ABC reports journalist Nico Hines wrote an article about using the gay dating app Grinder at the Rio Games, referencing the country and sport of many of those looking for sex using the app.

Tongan swimmer Amini Fonua, who is open about being gay, said The Daily Beast website ought to be ashamed of itself for potentially outing athletes from places like Tonga where homosexuality is illegal.