Australian Federal Police

NZ man arrested after drugs worth close to $800m seized from yacht

Australian Federal Police say the 33-year-old man is one of two men arrested on board a yacht carrying a tonne of the illicit drug also known as P.

Police say the haul has an estimated street value of up to $A750 million ($NZ789m).

The yacht was intercepted off the New South Wales coast near Lake Macquarie, after an international sting involving agencies from Australia, New Caledonia and the United Kingdom.

Sexual harassment problem in Pacific but little robust data

A cohort of 30 police officers from 11 Pacific countries are attending the training workshop to help them understand violence against women and to deal sensitively with such cases.

 Police officers attending the Fourth Police Regional Training Program discussed sexual harassment and rape as part of the two-week workshop. 

Intense Gender Learning for Pacific Police Officers

The workshop funded by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and facilitated by the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC) focused on how gender relations had changed in Pacific communities but also on the many barriers that remained.

The participants shared the experiences in their police stations and communities about the kinds of violence and barriers women continue to face. Some participants continued to believe that women brought the violence on themselves by nagging or not obeying their husbands. 

Australian Federal Police officers have contracted Zika virus in Pacific

A spokeswoman for the force told Fairfax Media that the cases had happened before this year. The officers were treated and do not appear to be showing any lasting effects of the mosquito-borne virus, which is currently the subject of a World Health Organisation-declared emergency after being linked to birth defects.