Highlanders forced to cancel Queenstown pre-season game

Due to New Zealand's shift to the Covid-19 red light setting, the Queenstown match on February 14 had been called off.

The franchise, though, hoped the match could still be played in a different location.

"This is a difficult pill to swallow for the Highlanders," Highlanders chief executive Roger Clark said.

"We would also like to acknowledge all the local contractors and suppliers who have worked with us for the last two years and the local community, especially kids, who ultimately lose out at the end of the day."

USP cancels graduations

Vice Chancellor Professor Pal Ahluwalia said a spike in the cost of hiring a venue was also a concern for the university.

Mr Ahluwalia said arrangements for the graduation venue were usually finalised by now but with the pandemic, this had not been possible.

He said the USP's regional graduations would not go ahead as students and their families would not be able to travel.

Mr Ahluwalia said the university would hold a ceremony where about 100 people could attend to honour its gold medalists and high performing students.