Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands

Reach out to the ‘cast offs’

Look out for people whose human rights and dignity are violated every day, those caught up in networks of slavery and the loss of their freedom. 

Papua New Guinea has several of these, says the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands. 

“The present situation of the ‘Manus refugees’ has been hidden from view for the past six years, leading to social and moral problems and a number of human rights abuses. 

“This complacency should not continue. Communicating the issue through different media should bring about an effective social change.”

Shortage of priests in Catholic Church

General Secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands, Fr Victor Roche, says although PNG and the Oceania region are not directly affected by this, the Catholic Church in the Oceania region is determined to address this during the Assembly of the Federation of Catholic Bishops Conference of Oceania this month.

“The Conference will be an opportune time to reflect on this, specifically on youths, their faith and their vocation,” added Fr Victor.

Time for transformation

CBC is encouraging young people to use the Easter experience to turn away from doing bad, repent and confess for there is hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“It does not matter if they have fallen, if they are sinners, if they are drug addicts, street kids or if they are criminals,” says Fr. Ambrose Pereira, CBC Secretary for Communications and Youth.

“All they have to do is repent, confess their sins and resolve with the power of God’s grace to change their lives. I am sure they will be transformed.