Couple jailed for stealing $1.7m worth of wine

The incident happened in 2021 at a luxury hotel in the Spanish city of Cáceres, where the couple were staying as guests.

BBC reports the couple later fled, but they were arrested nine months later at the Croatia-Montenegro border and returned to Spain.

None of the wine has been recovered.

The court named the couple only as Tatania and Estanislao, but they have been identified by Spanish media as Priscila Guevara and Constantín Dumitru.

According to the court, Tatania checked into the exclusive Atrio hotel in October 2021 using a fake Swiss passport.

Couple in India sue son for not giving them a grandchild

Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad, 61 and 57, say they used up their savings raising their son, paying for his pilot's training as well as a lavish wedding.

They are demanding compensation worth nearly $650,000 (£525,000) if no grandchild is born within a year.

Their son and his wife do not appear to have commented.

The highly unusual lawsuit was filed on grounds of "mental harassment".

Mr Prasad said he had spent all his savings on his son, sending him to the US in 2006 for pilot training at a cost of $65,000.