Cyclone Ella

Alerts lifted as Cyclone Ella leaves Futuna

The island of 5,000 people had been on lockdown for nearly three days as the category two storm passed close to the northern coast.

Residents were forced to stay indoors and all movement had been banned.

But with the cyclone now about 100km away, the alerts were lifted on Saturday night.

Wallis and Futuna's public broadcaster reported that power was cut, roofs were damaged and some areas flooded, but there was so far no major damage.

The cyclone is forecast to slowly move west, maintaining its category two strength.


Tonga and Fiji prepare as Cyclone Ella approaches

The cyclone is moving past the northernmost islands of Tonga before reaching northeastern Fiji tomorrow.

Tonga's National Emergency Management Office director Leveni 'Aho said emergency services are on standby in the Niuas, where up to 700 people are living.

He said while there were no reports of damage as yet, locals were preparing for tonight when the storm will be at its closest.