Fanga'uta Lagoon Catchment area

Tonga schools receive seedlings as part of re-planting programme

Students of Folaha GPS, Longoteme GPS, Beulah Primary Schoolin Vaini and Peteli College in Pea will be responsible for planting the seedlings and looking after them.

The Forestry team will do follow up visits to ensure that the new plants are growing healthy and well.

This is part of the campaign to help keep the environment green and healthy, especially within the different school compounds.

The plant seedlings were distributed by a visiting team from R2R, Ministry of Education and Forestry department.

Bird survey conducted in Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment area

“The bird survey of Fanga’uta Lagoon is the first detailed look at birds there and it is intended to establish a baseline. The work can then be repeated in the future to see if management of the lagoon leads to improved conditions for birdlife,” Mr Butler said of the survey that he is carrying out.

The survey was conducted over four days last week.