Pacific Islands Forum Leaders

Pope addresses Pacific Islands Forum leaders

Meeting some members of the Pacific Islands Forum in the Vatican, the Pope shared the concerns of those exposed to frequent extreme environmental and climate events, and the impact of rising sea levels and the continuous deterioration of the barrier reef.

He blamed many of the causes of this “environmental decay” on the short-sighted human activity… connected with certain ways ‎of exploiting natural and human resources.

Tuna quota management reality check

Pacific Islands Forum leaders have called for a review of tuna fisheries management in the region with suggestions of a move away from the Vessel Day Scheme to a New Zealand-led quota system.

But FFA fisheries advisor Francisco Blaha who was one of hundreds of industry delegates gathered this week in Fiji for the 5th Pacific Tuna Forum says the Pacific tuna fishery may be too complex for it to work.

Sustainable fisheries today's topic for Pacific leaders

Mr Pita made the presentation at the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting in Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby.

He says the Pacific needs to take control of their tuna fisheries through systems that give rights to their own and not foreign fleets.

Mr Pita says as far as coastal fisheries, local communities should be empowered to manage their resources, protecting their future food security.

Most tuna is caught by foreign vessels with 90% taken out of the region for processing.