Revolution Plaza

Pope meets Fidel Castro after warning against ideology

The Pope was delivering a subtle jab at the communist system during a Mass celebrated under the gaze of an image of Che Guevara in Havana's iconic Revolution Plaza.

The Vatican described the 40-minute meeting at Castro's residence as informal and familial, with an exchange of books and discussion about big issues facing humanity, including Francis' recent encyclical on the environment and the global economic system.

Pope in Cuba begs Colombia, rebels to end conflict

Fresh off his personal appeal to the U.S. and Cuban leaders to end their half-century of estrangement, Francis issued his plea to Colombia's warring factions from Revolution Plaza at the end of his Sunday Mass. Cuba has hosted peace talks for more than two years between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and representatives of Bogota.

Francis said the talks face a "crucial" moment.

Pope urges Cubans to care for others without judgment

Pope Francis delivered the message as he opened his visit to the country amid great hopes that the key role he played in bringing about detente with the U.S. will result in changes on the island.