Silver Lake Deal

Delay in NZ Rugby's deal with Silver Lake

New Zealand Rugby had originally planned for the deal with the US equity firm to be ratified at their Annual General Meeting at the end of the month.

However, NZR Chief Executive Mark Robinson said it had been decided not to include the motion at the AGM after a request for more information from its Provincial Unions.

Robinson said the unions had asked for more time to discuss some key areas of the overall deal structure.

Dane Coles hopes Silver Lake standoff with NZ Rugby won't lead to players refusing to play

Coles said on Thursday that he hoped that “both parties sit down” and work to make their relationship better “as it’s going down the wrong path’’.

Former All Blacks captain David Kirk, the Players Association president told RNZ on Tuesday that some players had advised the NZRPA they would not want to play in New Zealand if the Silver Lake deal goes ahead.