super bowl halftime show

Super Bowl: Dr Dre and Eminem pack in the hits at half-time show

 It was a show of wall-to-wall hits, but did too many hooks spoil the broth?

We've all been to one of those house parties where nobody can agree on the music.

You might hear the first verse of a song, maybe even a chorus if you're lucky, but it's never long before someone is fiddling with the playlist and impatiently changing the track.

Super Bowl half-time shows often feel a bit like this, albeit on a much larger scale, as performers traditionally try to cram as many of their hits as possible into a tight 14-minute set.

The Weeknd brings Las Vegas to Tampa during epic Super Bowl LV halftime show

Set at the Raymond James Stadium, the 30-year-old hitmaker appeared on stage in a floating black convertible surrounded by flashing neon signs reminiscent of Sin City.

Emerging from the vehicle, The Weeknd belted out the lyrics to his most infectious hits in front of a sequin-clad robo-choir and an ultra moody cityscape - located high up in the stadium bleachers.

Before diving into the songs off his latest record After Hours, the Grammy Award-winner treated fans to renditions of his earlier hits, such as Starboy and The Hills.