Tonga police

9 Tonga Police officers on suspension

Six were suspended in relation to criminal matters and three in relation to disciplinary matters. 

Six of the police officers suspended are senior constables; two probation constables and one senior officer.

“I have set standards and expect them to be met. The public rightly expect the highest levels of professionalism and ethical behaviour from their Police. There is absolutely zero tolerance for unlawful and ill-disciplined behavior. Every police officer is accountable to the law, not above it,” said Police Commissioner Stephen Caldwell.

Tonga Police release names of men arrested for meth possession

Tevita Soakai and Maʻati Lino were arrested at a home in Kolomotuʻa with 3.86 grams of methamphetamine also known as ice.

Lino, 45, of Nukunuku, was arrested after he was found with one 40gram pack of methamphetamine.

Soakai, 35, from Kolomotu’a was arrested in possession of six packs of methamphetamine weighing 3.46 grams.

Police have charged them with possession of the illicit drug.

The duo have been released on bail.


New Litter and Waste Control Regulations come into force in Tonga from Saturday

The Environment Management (Litter and Waste Control) Regulations 2016 will come into force from Saturday, April 1.

The campaign will target members of the public and companies who litter or dispose waste illegally, in the move to help keep Tonga clean.

Enforcement officers from the Department of Environment, under the Ministry of MEIDECC, have been working with partners from the Tonga Police Force, Waste Authority and the Ministry of Health in finalising procedures to be followed while enforcing the law.

Stop defaming police and accept drugs were destroyed, Police Commissioner says

Commissioner Caldwell was responding to allegations raised in Parliament on Monday about 204 kg of cocaine seized in Vava’u from the yacht JeReVe in 2012.

During debate on the annual report of the Police Minister Nobles Representative Lord Tu’ilakepa, asked what happened to the drugs found on the yacht.

Instead of defending the kingdom’s law enforcement officers, Justice Minister Vuna Fa’otusia said the question would not be answered until the Commissioner’s reports went to Parliament instead of the Privy Council.

Tonga policeman investigated after crash

The officer is thought to have hit a fence near the Queen Salote Wharf in Nuku'alofa in the early hours of Saturday.

Police say no one else is believed to be involved.

Commissioner Steve Caldwell says he has launched a criminal investigation into all circumstances surrounding this incident.

Photo: RNZI/Gareth Thomas

Police destroy over $200,000 worth of drugs seized in ‘Eua

The dried leaves of 458 plants were burnt at the Tapuhia waste management facility.

Police have released still photos and video of the largest single amount of cannabis to ever be seized by Tonga Police.

Last Thursday, officers from the Police Tactical Response Group and Drug Squad teams uprooted and seized 458 illegal cannabis plants during a search warrant in ‘Eua.

Four Tongans jailed for passport fraud

The Commissioner Steve Caldwell was commenting after four people convicted on passport forgery related offences were given jail terms on Friday last week. 

The four are 'Isileli Kaumavae, Sione Sosefo 'Ahohako, Sione Kivalu Heleta and Ola Tameifuna.

Mr Caldwell said the sentencing sent a very clear message about the seriousness of the offending and serves as a deterrent to people tempted to commit such crimes.

In August last year Tonga Police set up a Passport Taskforce headed by Deputy Commissioner Viliami 'Unga and staffed with 16 police investigators.

Tonga police officers under investigation over fugitive's escape

Dean Jay Fletcher, who has been charged with the murder of his wife, escaped from a police station in September and fled on a yacht to American Samoa where he was arrested.

The commissioner, Steve Caldwell, said there were serious shortfalls in accepted procedures around the management of prisoners.

The police have refused to go into further detail about the shortfalls, saying that the case is under active investigation.

Five police officers on Vava'u are now under investigation and face possible disciplinary action.


Police probe after female Peace Corps attacked in Tonga

This has been confirmed by the Nukuʻalofa Police Superintendent Tevita Fifita to Kaniva News.

Fifita released no further information as Police investigation continued.

Kaniva understands the victim is a Peace Corps Voulnteer.