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Covid leads to drop in crime in Tonga

Covid lockdowns and border closures have impacted social activities and have been widely attributed as the reason for the lull.

Tonga Police Commissioner Shane McLennan said police are not being complacent as the Kingdom begins reopening its borders and the community becomes more active.

"Part of our major challenges at the moment is because our communities have been in lockdown and now borders are opening are reopening gradually, so the challenges for us is also to be out there, making sure our roads are safe, our homes are safe and our communities are safe," he said.

Tonga Police ensure children’s safety after strangers reportedly attempted to lure children

Tonga Police have assured that there will be increased visibility and visits at targeted times to and around schools.

There have been several complaints from concerned parents and citizens about incidents of suspicious males who tried to lure young children into their vehicles.

Last Friday, a class 2 minor was approached by a male stranger, trying to convince the child to get into his vehicle.

Police said an adult who knew the child was nearby, and prevented any unwanted result from the situation.

Tonga Police officers suspended on serious breach of discipline charges over death of man in custody

The suspension was confirmed by Police Commissioner Shane McLennan yesterday following an inquest into the death of 22-year-old Feleti Manutahi Pouono.

The inquest panel chaired by Magistrate Salesi Mafi concluded that the cause of Pouono’s death was suicide.

Pouono, who is from Lapaha, was found dead in a cell at Mu’a Police Station on Saturday, 23 July 2022.

His body was released to his family last night following the conclusion of the inquest.

2 arrested in Tonga for drug-related offences

One suspect is a 36-year-old man from Houme while the other is a 27-year-old man from Ha’akame.

The arrests were made just before midnight on Monday during a routine vehicle stop on Liku Road at Houma.

Police said both suspects were stopped and searched where two packs of cannabis and a drug utensil were allegedly found.

The men were due to appear in court today.

The Drug Enforcement Taskforce Commander Acting Deputy Commissioner, Halatoa Taufa urged the public to assist police by reporting illicit drug-related activities in the communities.


Tonga Police charge 5 men over illicit drug-related offences

Detective Acting Deputy Commissioner Halatoa Taufa issued a stern warning reminding the public that “anyone who destroys, or even attempts or helps to destroy illicit drugs or anything capable of being used as evidence in drug related cases is liable by law upon conviction to imprisonment for up to 15 years.”

During a police drug raid at a residence in Hala’ovave on Thursday 28 April, three men were arrested.

One suspect is aged 36 from Vaini, another aged 20 from Te’ekiu and the third a teen aged 17 from Halaleva.

Tonga Police arrest 6 people for drug offences

On Tuesday 12 April, Police conducted a search warrant for stolen property at a residence in Ha’utu residence where they arrested a 38-year-old man with drug utensils.

Two days later, a couple aged 57 and 49, was arrested from their residence at Ma’ufanga.

Police seized nine packs of methamphetamine (0.29 grams), $300 pa’anga, over 300 unused packs and drug utensils.

A 21-year-old man from Kolonga and two women in their 30’s from Lapaha were arrested at Lapaha for breaching curfew and for possession of drug utensils on Friday.

Tonga police arrest 32 people over drug offences

A total of 30.48 grams of methamphetamine, 72.74 grams of cannabis, 3.11 grams of cocaine, drugs utensils, and over $7,000 cash were seized during the arrests.

Detective Acting Deputy Commissioner, Halatoa Taufa, told Matangi Tonga online that two of the arrests included two male prisoners at Hu'atolitoli Prison found with 1.74 grams of meth and 3.11 grams of cocaine.

The other arrests were made in various locations around Tongatapu including Tofoa, 'Anana, Fanga, Veitongo, Tu'atakilangi, Folaha, Kolonga, Ha'akame, Nukunuku and Tatakamotonga.

Tonga Police festive season operation underway

The Force has activated the operation with officers tasked to safe guard homes, roads and communities.

Chief Superintendent Tevita Fifita said the operation will see police visibility strengthened with around-the-clock police shifts, regular police patrols to key target areas and dealing with reports of liquor being sold unlawfully in the black market.

The Police Drug Enforcement Taskforce will also continue to target drug dealers in its ongoing operation.

Over 100 people arrested during Tongatapu lockdown

The accused have been charged under the Emergency Management Act. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police Tevita Vailea said “36 were arrested for gathering as a group to drink kava at various venues, including homes and kava clubs.”

“While, 43 people were arrested for failure to comply with the curfew hours, including 28 pedestrians, 11 drivers and four passengers.”

“Another 19 people were also arrested for gathering to drink alcohol at various homes, while others were arrested for drunken driving, among other charges”

Tonga Police arrest man for exporting 30kg of methamphetamine

The accused was arrested last Thursday.

Detective Acting Deputy Commissioner Halatoa Taufa, National Crime and Investigations said the illicit drugs were concealed in a refrigerated food container, which were intercepted through a joint operation by the New Zealand Customs and Police in early August.

“Through a strong partnership between law enforcement in New Zealand and Tonga, the Tonga Police DET conducts parallel investigations in Tonga that led to the arrest of the accused person who has been placed on remand while investigations continue.”