Welsh Rugby Union

Tonga-Wales rugby match won't be in Tonga

The BBC reports the game is now likely to take place in Auckland on the 17th of June.

The Welsh rugby had expressed doubts over the readiness of Teufaiva Sport Stadium, which is being redeveloped.

Another concern was the availability of medical cover should a serious injury occur.

Delegations from World Rugby and the Welsh Rugby Union visited Tonga in December to see whether sufficient progress had been made, but concerns remained that the pitch will not be fit for purpose.

Tonga rugby stadium being assessed for Wales' June 2017 tour

Medical and playing facilities are under review there.

Teufaiva Stadium in Nukuʻalofa is being rebuilt for the 2019 Pacific Games and WRU chairman Gareth Davies says the work may not be completed in time for Wales visit.

If the stadium does not meet criteria, Tonga will play Wales in New Zealand.

Samoa are also scheduled to host Wales on Saturday, 24 June.