Five candidates to contest Tonga by-election

A total of five candidates have registered to contest the by-election to elect a town officer of Kolonga following the recent passing away of the former town officer, Sonasi Langi.

At the close of registration Wednesday, the Electoral Commission confirmed the following candidates:

  1. Soane Lutoviko Hamala           :Kolonga, Tongatapu
  2. ‘Anitelu Tahatolu Ma’u              :Kolonga, Tongatapu
  3. Malia Peata Sioko Noa             :Kolonga, Tongatapu
  4. Keleni Nesi Filikitonga              :Kolonga, Tongatapu
  5. ‘Aisea Tikoipau                         :Kolonga, Tongatapu

The by-election will be held on Thursday, 9 July 2020 at the following polling places

  1. Kolonga, Tongatapu                  : FWC Hall, Kolonga
  2. Pangai, Ha’apai                         : Governor’s Office
  3. Neiafu, Vava’u                           : Governor’s Office
  4. ‘Eua                                           : Office of the Government Representative
  5. Niuatoputapu                             : Office of the Government Representative
  6. Niuafo’ou                                   : Office of the Government Representative


The Electoral Commission is preparing for the by-election.