Man jailed after stabbing partner and another woman faces deportation to Tonga

The man who repeatedly stabbed his partner and another woman in Oamaru is expected to be deported to Tonga after serving his imprisonment term in New Zealand.

Manu Hausia has been jailed for six-year six-month term. His sentence was reduced due to factors including Hausia’s guilty pleas, his difficulties in serving a jail term in New Zealand, and his previous good character, reported New Zealand media.

The judge “also noted that Hausia would likely be deported at the end of the jail sentence”.

Hausia, 28, pleaded guilty at the High Court in Christchurch in December to four charges: attempted murder, injuring and wounding with intent, and assaulting a child.

He was in New Zealand on an interim visitor visa which had been extended because of Covid restrictions that had effectively stranded him here.

The first victim was a solo mum with five children who met Hausia at a rugby game in Auckland at the start of 2021, and they then began living together in Oamaru, reported Stuff.

“Hausia confronted her one night when she returned from church and demanded to see her phone. After he checked her phone, he assaulted her when she was lying on her bed after a shower, bashing her unconscious.

“The woman’s 1-year-old son was 2m from the bed and started crying, distracting Hausia from the assault. When the woman regained consciousness she crawled to the bedroom of her 11-year-old son where she blacked out again. Hausia followed her there, but the boy tried the stop the assault on his mother and phoned the police. Hausia fled and was found in Ashburton”.

Justice Rob Osborne detailed one woman’s injuries: Nine stab wounds to her back, three to her face including one that went right through her cheek, and one narrowly missing her left eye; two stab wounds to the back of her head, and another to her shoulder; two cuts on her hand; bruising to her lower face, jaw, and neck consistent with strangulation; significant blood loss; and damage to her salivary glands which hindered her ability to swallow, talk, and eat.

The woman told the court her children had been greatly affected by witnessing the attack on their mother.


Photo file  Caption: Manu Hausia