More than 100 water tanks set for Niuafo'ou to alleviate water shortage on the island

The Tonga Red Cross Society is to send 115 water tanks to Niuafo'ou next week to alleviate water shortages experienced on the island.

Secretary General of Tonga Red Cross Society, Sione Taumoefolau told Radio Tonga one tank will hold five thousand litres of water.

He said the people of Niuafo’ou have been without water since last year due to the effects of El-Nino phenomenon.

Taumoefolau said every household in Niuafo'ou will receive a water tank.

The Tonga Red Cross is considering supplying similar water tanks to Vava'u, Ha'apai and 'Eua as well as outer villages in Tongatapu.

The assistance costs about $300,000 pa'anga (US$128,105)