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Friends from 3/11 disaster helping woman improve toilets in Tonga

Lui, 40, soon began efforts to improve school toilet facilities in the Vava’u island group in this island country in the South Pacific, some 7,800 kilometers from her homeland.

Lui's goal is for “an environment where children can study without any anxiety.”

Touring all of about 30 schools on the islands with a total population of 15,000, she is working to improve their aging restrooms and water supply systems that have not been properly maintained due to a lack of funds.

Tonga's Ha'apai still in need of water tanks

RNZ reports the Defence Force is in Tonga to lead the humanitarian and disaster relief exercise Tropic Twilight which includes engineers from Tonga, China, and The United States.

Lieutenant Colonel Josh Wineera said the Ha'apai group was devastated by the cyclone and water installation is a much needed requirement.

"There's a number of community halls and churches where we've been able to use our engineers to bring in and just assistance with some of those plumbing and some of those engineering type tasks."

More than 100 water tanks set for Niuafo'ou to alleviate water shortage on the island

Secretary General of Tonga Red Cross Society, Sione Taumoefolau told Radio Tonga one tank will hold five thousand litres of water.

He said the people of Niuafo’ou have been without water since last year due to the effects of El-Nino phenomenon.

Taumoefolau said every household in Niuafo'ou will receive a water tank.

The Tonga Red Cross is considering supplying similar water tanks to Vava'u, Ha'apai and 'Eua as well as outer villages in Tongatapu.

The assistance costs about $300,000 pa'anga (US$128,105)