Noble MPs

Noble MPs remain absent from Tongan parliament

Kaniva News reported the Speaker Lord Fakafanua, one of the nine noble representatives in the House, returned and reported his other colleagues' absence.

The other noble MP who was present was Lord Ma'afu, who is a cabinet minister.

The Speaker said the nobles would not return unless Parliament agreed to a request to include meetings with the public in a consultation process the government was conducting on six new bills and amendments to the constitution.

Despite the absence of the seven MPs, the House conducted business as normal.

Tonga's life peers now able to become noble MPs

From 2008, the late King Tupou V began investing men with life peerages in recognition of their services to the nation.

In previous elections the life peers were able to vote for noble MPs but they were not allowed to contest.

The acting Attorney-General 'Aminiasi Kefu said the law didn't fit the constitution which said every noble should be able to vote and stand as representatives.

Tongan noble says PM plans are unconstitutional

Prime Minister's 'Akilisi Pohiva wants to review the Tonga Broadcasting Commission because he says the broadcaster is not doing its job of facilitating government work.

RNZ reports he described the TBC as "an enemy of government" and said the services may be better carried out by a different provider.

However Lord Fusitu'a said any move to shut down the TBC would be in breach of the constitution.

He said there was also a Tonga Broadcasting Act which would need to be revoked and would have far-reaching ramifications.