SMS game winner

Amupasita Tu’akalau wins $200 in Digicel Tonga competition

Tu’akalau thanked Digicel for giving her the opportunity to be part of this game that keeps her occupied every day.

This is not the first time that she has won the SMS Game.

To be in the game, players are encouraged to text the word AHOY to 1644 for $0.39 and collect the highest scores until 31 August for the grand prize of $1200.

There are instant cash awards every week.



Paula Misa wins in Digicel’s new SMS game

The SMS game which ends on 31 January is the latest offered by Digicel.

There is a total grand prize up to $2700TOP including credit and cash prizes.

Misa is no stranger to Digicel’s SMS games arena having competed in previous competitions.

Digicel is looking forward to more SMS games in 2018 and hopes to entertain its customers as well as maintain building a strong rapport.

Customers can text in the word STARS to 1644 for just $0.39 per SMS in order to win one of these amazing instant prizes or the grand prize of $1500TOP.