2016 Rio Olympic Games

Michael Phelps bids farewell to swimming: 'This is how I wanted to finish'

When Michael Phelps decided to try for the Rio Olympics, after his short-lived retirement following the 2012 London Games, the reasoning was perfectly clear to him.

Though he managed to win six medals in London, four of them gold, he had not trained to his standards, had not been as engaged in the pursuit as he was in 2004 and 2008, when he became an Olympic legend.

Usain Bolt eyes history against Gatlin after Michael Phelps heroics

A day after American swimmer Phelps brought the curtain down on his extraordinary career with a record 23rd gold medal, Bolt will attempt to complete the first leg of an unprecedented "triple-triple" in the 100m at the Olympic Stadium.

With semi-finals scheduled at 9pm local time (10am Monday AEST), Bolt is poised to line up for the final at around 10:25pm (11:25am AEST) where he will aim to clinch a third consecutive 100m crown after wins in 2008 and 2012.

The Jamaican superstar made his opening bow in Rio during Saturday's heats, coasting to victory in 10.07sec.

Brazil-Argentina rivalry 'could end badly', says President Macri

Mr Macri said the two countries should not let their bitter football rivalry spill over into the Olympic Games.

Brazilian fans have been loudly supporting any athlete competing against their southern neighbours.

Argentine fans have often responded with disrespectful chants against the Brazilians.

As the former president of Argentina's popular football club, Boca Juniors, Mauricio Macri is familiar with the problems caused by bitter rivalries in sports.

In a message posted on Facebook, he said he enjoyed supporting his country and his club.

Why are swimming pools usually blue?

Had someone put coloring in the water? Was their TV set broken?

Eventually some answers came. There had been a change in alkalinity in the water, said one official. Another blamed algae.

The green diving pool at Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre next to another that is the usual color - although that too later turned green

Meanwhile, FINA, the international governing body for swimming, said the water tanks had run out of water-cleaning chemicals.

With so many different answers, it's about as clear as the water in the murky pools.

Daily Beast removes Olympics Grindr article after backlash

In the article, reporter Nico Hines -- a straight, married man -- recounted using dating apps like Tinder and the gay-oriented Grindr to meet athletes in the Olympic Village in Rio.

Headlined "The Other Olympic Sport In Rio: Swiping," the article drew angry accusations that Hines had outed gay athletes, whom he didn't identify by name, with his descriptions of them.

Rio Olympics 2016: Refugee Olympic Team - how are they getting on?

But who are the 10 athletes in the Refugee Olympic Team? What are their stories? And how are they doing in Rio?

Rami Anis (swimming)

Who is he? The 25-year-old fled war-torn Syria in 2015, travelling by boat across the Mediterranean Sea to Turkey before continuing to Belgium.

How did he do? Anis earned a standing ovation after setting a personal best in the men's 100m freestyle. He clocked 54.25 seconds to finish 56th out of 59 in the heats.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Olympic doppelganger

Though the Oscar winner does have a plethora of talents, reportedly including rapping, archery is not among them.

However, DiCaprio appears to have a look-alike on the U.S. Men's Archery Team by the name of Brady Ellison

Rio Olympics 2016: A look at the amazing Brazilian food being served to athletes

Usain BoltAdam Peaty and Andy Murray will be tucking in to a selection of delicacies from Rio and across Brazil – although international dishes are also being served.

Thirteen ways to think like an Olympic champion

The outcome of years of training will come down to just a few days, or even moments, in these next few weeks -- all of it watched closely by billions of people worldwide.

As well as being in absolute peak physical condition, every athlete will need to be in just as good condition mentally -- or psychologically -- in order to handle the multitude of pressures awaiting them. CNN asked top sports psychology experts to reveal just what it takes to perform well under pressure -- and, more important, win.

Ignore the competition

Opening Ceremony: 'Rio is ready to make history' as Olympic Games begin

That was the message behind a vibrant Opening Ceremony that heralded the start of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

From supermodel Gisele Bundchen's tribute to the "Girl from Ipanema" to the promise of an athletes' forest to be planted after the Games, Brazil's big night saluted the country's past and pointed towards a greener future.

A day of protests against the hosting of the Games gave way to a night of pageantry at the Maracana Stadium, albeit on a budget one-tenth the size of the equivalent in London four years ago.