Hefty fines

Biting 'unruly' passenger among two women hit with largest-ever US fines

The five-figure penalties on the two flyers accused of violence are part of $US2 million ($NZ2.9m) in fines levied this year.

US airlines have seen record numbers of disruptive passengers since early 2021, with many incidents involving the refusal to wear an anti-viral facemask.

The fines were announced by transport secretary Pete Buttigieg on Friday.

"If you are on an airplane, don't be a jerk and don't endanger the flight crews and fellow passengers," he said in an appearance on ABC's The View. "If you do, you will be fined by the FAA."

Hefty fines see decline in illegal tuna fishing

This comes after the latest surveillance operation by the FFA saw only two major breaches of compliance by vessels in the region.

Nine Pacific countries ran the ten day operation Rai Balang 2017 which concluded last Friday.

The team leader at the FFA's surveillance centre, Commander Gavin Baker, said the last 3-5 years had seen a steady decline in both the severity and number of offences being committed in the Pacific tuna fishery.