Interplast team

Interplast specialist surgical team returns to Tonga after Covid

The team will be led by surgeon Dr David Morgan and will include two surgeons, two anaesthetists and two nurses.

A release said given the length of time since Interplast last visited Tonga (due to Covid-19 restrictions), the local surgical team in Nuku’alofa are pre-screening patients from the existing large caseload, and the usual public consultations clinics will not run for this visit.

The team will be visiting the Vaiola Hospital in Nuku’alofa from 25th May – 3rd June 2023.

Free surgical programmes to head to Tonga

Interplast has been sending teams annually to counter the tens of millions of people in the Asia/Pacific who do not have access to surgery.

In Tonga, a lack of medical resources and limited training means people with repairable conditions are not getting the care they need.

The surgeons will deal with patients who have conditions such as cleft lip and palate, burns scarring, hand injuries or tumours.

The Interplast team will be in Tonga in the last week of February and is encouraging appointments to be made at Vaiola Hospital.


About 80 patients identified for review with visiting Interplast team

The visiting Interplast team comprises specialists from Australia and New Zealand and will be in the Kingdom from February 16 to 23.

The coordinator of the Interplast team, Thomas Loporto said preparations for the visit are well underway.

“Over 80 patients are identified to be reviewed by our team which is an impressive number. This means that it will be a very busy program which is excellent,” Loporto said.

The team is aiming to consult at least 70 cases and carry out 35 procedures involving plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Interplast team to conduct plastic and reconstructive surgery in Tonga

The team comprising of specialists from Australia and New Zealand will be in Tonga from 16 to 23 February 2017.

The medical team will conduct a consultation clinic on Thursday February 16th at 1:30 pm in the Outpatient's clinic at the Vaiola Hospital.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery will be performed at the Vaiola Hospital from 16 - 22 February 2017 (excluding the weekend).

Patients with common skin diseases or cosmetic conditions will not be eligible for this consultation.