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Two Tongan men lose name suppression in Auckland murder case

Sosaia Vaitohi, 26, and Metthuselak Talakai, 28, appeared briefly in the High Court at Auckland yesterday.

The New Zealand Herald reports name suppression for both of them lapsed yesterday.

Talakai's next appearance will be a callover on June 30 and Vaitohi will have a case review of August 18.

Both men were remanded in custody.

Defence counsel Emma Priest said both had requested to attend their upcoming hearings in person.

Moala was 31, was married and had three children, his father told the Herald last month.

Husband accused of murder in high-profile Australia mystery

Borce Ristevski, 53, faced a Melbourne court on Wednesday. His lawyers said he planned to plead not guilty.

The body of Karen Ristevski, 47, was found in bushland in February, eight months after she went missing.

Her disappearance was described as "highly irregular" and prompted public pleas from police, her family, and even prominent local actor Samuel Johnson.

Mr Ristevski's lawyer, Rob Stary, told the Melbourne Magistrates' Court that his client would contest the charge. He did not apply for bail.

Wanted man's yacht disappears from American Samoa

Dean Jay Fletcher fled to American Samoa on the Sea Oak in September last year.

Mr Fletcher was arrested in Tonga for the murder of his wife but In September he escaped custody.

He was recaptured later in American Samoa then taken to Honolulu where he is being held pending extradition to Tonga.

Tonga's attorney-general has now confirmed that Mr Fletcher's yacht departed American Samoa without authority.

Radio Tonga reported 'Aminiasi Kefu had requested in November that the US government return the yacht because it is related to the alleged crime.

No decision yet in Tonga's extradition bid of Fletcher

Mr Fletcher was arrested in American Samoa after escaping from jail in Vava'u and sailing to Pago Pago in October.

His lawyer has rejected references to allegations of Mr Fletcher escaping from lawful custody.

A friend of the accused reportedly said Mr Fletcher worked for the US Army and was chased and imprisoned for injuring one of the American soldiers.

The judge said such a statement had no merit.

It is unclear as to when the federal court will issue a decision.


Tonga submits extradition request for US murder suspect

The Attorney General's Office said it made the submission for his return so that he can be tried for the murder of his wife Patricia Linne Kearney in Vava'u.

Last month, Mr Fletcher was handed over to federal authorities by American Samoan police after he had fled to the territory on his yacht.

Mr Fletcher was determined a flight risk and danger to the community, and was remanded in custody in Honolulu.

Tonga's extradition request is expected to be considered by US Attorneys to the US Federal District Court in Honolulu, on January 10.

US fugitive, wanted in Tonga, detained without bail

Dean Jay Fletcher was arrested in Tonga in July for the murder but in September he escaped police custody on Vava'u.

RNZ reports the 54 year-old then fled the country on his yacht, eventually arriving in American Samoa, where he was arrested.

An American Samoa court dismissed a midemeanour charge of entering the territory without authorisation.

However, Mr Fletcher was last week handed over the federal authorities, who transferred him to Honolulu to face the extradition process back to Tonga.

Extradition hearing set for American wanted in Tonga

RNZ reports Mr Fletcher appeared at the federal court in Honolulu for his detention hearing and made a request to continue the hearing at the end of the week.

No explanation was given for the request by Mr Fletcher, who the US government is seeking to detain without bail.

A status hearing is set for December 19, with a detention hearing scheduled for January 10.

Federal prosecutor Larry Butrick has called for Mr Fletcher to be detained pending the resolution of extradition proceedings.

Fugitive back in court next week as Tonga seeks extradition

Both the government and defense have been asked to file briefings on the issue of extradition, which is being sought by the Kingdom of Tonga for the accused.

Dean Jay Fletcher was taken from American Samoa to Honolulu early last week by agents of the US Marshal Services following a diplomatic request from Tonga to the US Justice Department for extradition.