Pussycat Doll

Former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta gives Fifth Harmony advice after Camila Cabello leaves

It's after Camila left the group on Sunday, but since the initial statement there's been a lot of back and forth on social media.

Nicole Scherzinger: Career comes at a price as she 'ain't got no kids yet'

The ex-Pussycat Doll, 38, is back on the panel of The X Factor this year.

She told the Sunday Mirror that she had made sacrifices in her personal life.

"Look at me? I'm not married and I ain't got no kids yet. Of course work has come at a sacrifice. I've missed out on life," she said.

But Nicole said that she had not expected to have children by now.

"I see a vision of what I want as an artist.

"Now I'm going to the top of that mountain. When I get there, then I'll have time for a family, and kids," she said.