Tama Tonga

White ambushes Tonga

In their final regular match of the tournament White will take on Tonga this Tuesday. White softened Tonga up by hitting repeatedly with a steel chair after their tag team match tonight.  Young Lions tried to intervene but White nailed them as well.

“Ain’t nobody realer than a Guerrilla? Ain’t nobody realer than a Guerrilla?” said White mocking the Guerrillas theme song as he strutted around a decimated Tonga. He then gave a stunned Tonga a Bladerunner to drive home his message.

Professional wrestler Tama Tonga stays true to his roots

Leone travels between his home in the United States and Japan where he is in his seventh year with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He said he was impressed that New Zealand was celebrating the Tongan language this week and said the values that stem from it are with him every day.

"You know what in Japan, it's that respect for each other and especially the younger group, their respect for their elders. It was really easy for me as a Tongan American to come live here and live by their rules because their way of life, it was a really easy transition for me."



Wrestling star Tama Tonga speaks of legendary father, career at WaleMania

“We started that January before WrestleMania and here we are,” Tonga said. “Full circle. There's a WrestleMania down the street right from the beginning for us.”

Tonga — who now lives in Orlando — will also be able to walk down the street Thursday night to Tier Nightclub, where he will be one of the special guests at WaleMania III. The event will include a live edition of the MLW podcast, plenty of guests from the wrestling world and a live performance from hip-hop artist and super wrestling fan Wale.