TC Gita

Tonga Government completes construction of 27 houses since TC Harold

Prime Minister, Dr. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa said when the government came into office in October last year, not one house was rebuilt after Cyclone Gita which hit the country in 2018.

“Twenty-seven houses have been built. We are also planning for another 100 houses to be built in December 2020,” he said in Parliament on Monday.

He added the construction was faster because they had brought in new contractors, because in the past there were only six companies, building the houses, school buildings, and wharfs.

Cyclone Gita could become Cat 4 as it heads to Tonga

The cyclone tore through Samoa and American Samoa causing major damage on both islands.

The cyclone was upgraded to a category three last night as it passed Niue, but it's now making its way towards Tonga and could possibly become a category four.

Weather reports said the cyclone would be close to Niue as it headed towards Tonga but the system shifted overnight and instead curved around Niue.

Opposition MP Terry Coe said Niue was lucky to have escaped Gita's fury.