Tongan church leader

Pacific church leader calls for balance after Mt Roskill breach revelations

The church is in the spotlight after it emerged prayer meetings were held during Auckland's alert level three.

Secretary of the Tongan Interfaith Leadership Network, Sione Tu'itahi, says the health of Pacific communities is important.

“I understand how important it is for the Pacific community and their spiritual well being. I think it’s about striking the balance of sustaining our wellbeing, whether it’s physical or spiritual, as well as obedience to the rules and regulations, which is about the safety and wellbeing of everyone.”

Tongan church elder in Auckland keen to highlight impact of measles as free vaccinations launch

Free vaccinations are being offered in South Auckland today as a part of the response to the growing outbreak.

Free clinics are also operating at the Clendon Shopping Centre in Manurewa and Middlemore Hospital.

There more than 920 cases of measles across the country prompting outreach programmes like the one at the Free Church of Tonga in Māngere.

A church elder, Reverend Ifalame Teisi, said the church is concerned about what's happening.

He said people need to get immunised and it's important to spread the word.