Tongan suspect

Tongan suspect arrested for murder in Salt Lake City Ballpark neighborhood

49-year-old Luis Melendez was found dead near a bicycle in the area of Harrison Ave. and Main Street two weeks ago.

2KUTV reports the suspect is 24-year-old Siosiua Tonga Ositamani, according to a jail affidavit filed on Tuesday.

An anonymous tip led investigators to Ositamani, after which they compared photos of him to video from local businesses.

Suspect pleads not guilty in East Palo Alto church hall attack

Folauhola Okalani Fiefia, 29, is accused of the unprovoked attack and was charged with elder abuse and assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury, among other charges.

Fiefia allegedly walked up to the 65-year-old while she was eating dinner, grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and tried to slit her throat with a steak knife, according to prosecutors.

The woman was able to grab the knife with both hands and suffered several deep cuts to her hands and fingers.