Loop PNG announces ‘Tok Pisin’ service


Both news platforms are owned by Digicel Media Ventures, the media arm of Digicel PNG. 

The addition of Tok Pisin-language news to its English-language content, has been described by Digicel PNG CEO Colin Stone as an important step to better engage with the majority of PNG's population.

Justin Olam- The Story So Far to be aired tomorrow

The five part story encompasses Olam’s purposeful rise over the last 12 months from a SP Hunter to signing with one of the National Rugby League’s most prestigious teams – the Melbourne Storm.

TVWAN Producer, Evan Oavita said the Olam story will be played on TVWAN Action tomorrow and then again on March 5 at 5pm.

 “This  will be the first of more productions like this as throughout the year we will feature more PNG players who play in the NRL such as Nene Macdonald, David Mead, Kato Ottio to mention a few,” said Oavita


TVWAN to air story on Justin Olam

Titled “Justin Olam - The Story So Far”, the three part story focuses on Olam’s transition from a SP Hunter to his signing with the Melbourne Storm to play in the National Rugby League competition.

TVWAN Producer, Evan Oavita said the Olam story will be aired on Friday, February 17 at 7pm on TVWAN Action.

“The story is on his life, background and a bit about himself and his career,” said Oavita.

Olam will become the second Papua New Guinean to play for the Melbourne Storm after Marcus Bai.

TVWAN expands coverage

In corporation with Samoa’s television network TV1 Samoa, TVWAN yesterday broadcasted the Rugby League test match between Toa Samoa and Fiji Bati, live from Apia Samoa.

This is the first of such, where TVWAN, according to Eggert Gunnarsson, the Head of news, sports and productions, has attempted.

The game was broadcasted live to its audience in PNG, Australia, New Zealand and all over Oceania.

Calling this a great corporation, Gunnarsson said this project was sparked by an idea from Digicel Samoa.