Historical Pacific films in the U.S. to be digitised

Anthropologist Joshua Bell and the global indigenous peoples group are part of an ongoing project focussing on indigenous people, called 'Recovering Voices'.

Mr Bell said he wants to make the footage accessible for Pacific communities.

He said the team will be going through the content of all the films that have been donated to them from across the region, as there is currently no background information on the footage.

N. Korea: U.S., South Korea will suffer 'extreme uneasiness and terror'

The harsh rhetoric by North Korea's People's Army (KPA) is the communist state's first comment on Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) since the U.S. and South Korea announced Friday they are in the final stages of negotiation about where to deploy the missile system.

THAAD can shoot down short, medium and intermediate ballistic missiles at incredible speed and altitude, and has been used by the U.S. for years to protect its military units.

U.S. jets diverted to Iraq, abandoning Syrian rebels

Speaking to reporters on a flight to Warsaw, Poland, for a NATO meeting, Carter said the review will "see if there are any lessons learned."

One aircraft flying air support missions over Al-Bukamal during the recent fighting there was called off and diverted to strike at a massive convoy of suspected ISIS militants that had been observed to be trying to leave the southern outskirts of Fallujah, according to a senior U.S. official. Several aircraft were diverted from various patrols in different parts of Iraq, but only one was taken away from the Al-Bukamal battle.

Why the U.S. is freaked out about Brexit

The outcome of Britain's referendum instantly pitched an already weakened Europe into a new crisis, opening the possibility that other member states could choose to leave the E.U. and create new headaches for Washington.

American leaders on all sides of the political aisle Friday expressed respect for the decision of British voters and vowed to stand with America's "special relationship" ally Britain and the diminished European Union once both partners have finalized their divorce -- a period that could take years.

Putin gives Roy Jones Jr. Russian citizenship

A decree published on the Kremlin's website in the Russian president's name said the American, a four-weight champion once regarded by many as the world's best boxer, had been given Russian nationality.

Jones asked Putin for citizenship in August over a cup of tea when they met in Crimea — the territory annexed by Russia last year — saying it would make doing business in Russia easier. 

The Latest: Obama says US, Kenya working for direct flights

Obama says eliminating multiple legs of travel to get from one place to the other would be a boon for business and tourism.

Kenya's $1 billion tourism industry has suffered in the wake of mass assaults carried out in recent years by the al-Shabab extremist group, which is based across the border in Somalia.