Immense crater hole created in Tonga volcano

The caldera of Hunga-Tonga Hunga-Ha'apai is now 4km (2.5 miles) wide and drops to a base 850m below sea level.

Before the catastrophic eruption, the base was at a depth of about 150m.

It drives home the scale of the volume of material ejected by the volcano - at least 6.5 cubic km of ash and rock.

"If all of Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga, was scraped to sea level, it would fill only two-thirds of the caldera," Prof Shane Cronin from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, said.

NZ medical team notices signs of post-traumatic stress disorder

New Zealand's Pacific Medical Association says that people are starting to show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcanic eruption was a one-in-1000-year disaster. The resulting tsunami and ash cloud fallout have devastated the Kingdom. Waves up to 15 metres high destroyed hundreds of homes and wiped out entire villages. Miraculously only three people were killed.

"They thought it was World War III" said Amanaki Misa the Pacific Medical Association team leader currently stationed in Tonga.

Tonga volcano officially the largest eruption of the 21st century, new data confirms

In late December 2021, there were small eruptions in the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcanic island which, quieted down after about a week.

An eruption then followed in the early morning of January 14, determined by NASA to be "hundreds of times more powerful" than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Having ejected a volume of around 10 cubic kilometers (more than 2 cubic miles) volcanic material, it generated an atmospheric shock wave that circled the world several times and an ash plume half the size of France.

Tonga volcano: NIWA scientists to map eruption's impact on seabed

NIWA's research vessel, RV Tangaroa, will head over on 9 April to collect video images of the seafloor and another vessel, from British enterprise SEA-KIT International, will conduct further mapping over a month.

NIWA chief scientist of oceans Mike Williams, who is the project leader, predicted they would see massive changes to the underwater landscape around Tonga.

NZ scientist piecing together Tonga's volcanic eruption

Water supply and agriculture were affected in the fallout from the eruption and the explosions of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai could be heard as far away as New Zealand and Alaska. 

It is now known to be the largest volcanic explosion ever recorded - double that of the next largest, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines more than 30 years ago.

 Professor of Volcanology at the University of Auckland, Shane Cronin has examined ash from the explosion, video footage and aerial images. 

Shock waves from Tonga eruption caused tidal surges

The Japan Meteorological Agency’s study group said in a draft report compiled 15 March that the tidal surges differed from those generated by a strong offshore earthquake.

It noted that disturbances in the atmosphere were detected after the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano around 1 pm. on 15 January.

The resulting air pressure waves reached near the Honshu main island, about 8,000 kilometers from the volcano, around 8:40 p.m., according to an analysis of images captured by Japan’s Himawari weather satellite.

Loto’i Tonga, the heart of a Tongan, coming together in unity and as a family

The Wellington Tonga Leaders' Council sourced two 40ft containers to carry these much needed essentials back to the Kingdom of Tonga.

The General Manager of the Council, Tae Moala-Mafi Tu'inukuafe, said the support towards the Tongan community has been overwhelming.

"We have been supported by the Porirua City Council, Taeaomanino Trust, Whanau Manaaki Kindergarten, and Victoria University, which has been amazing, led by Luamanuvao Dame Winnie Laban."

Pacific online banking activity increases during lockdowns and Tongan tsunami and eruption

ANZ has seen a 30-percent increase in Pacific internet banking customers, which comes after Samoa and Kiribiti's nationwide lockdown, and recent Tonga events.

Banking has been unaffected by recent riots in the Solomon Islands.

ANZ banks in the Pacific are operational, in-line with government requirements with banks in Samoa back open tomorrow.

ANZ Regional Executive for the Pacific, Tessa Price said people can still access money in Tonga from their bank online or via ATM.

Anxious wait for news after Tonga cut off

The underwater volcano erupted on Saturday, about 65km (40 miles) north of the capital Nuku'alofa.

The eruption, which was heard as far away as the US, caused waves higher than a metre to crash into Tonga.

Local authorities have not confirmed any deaths but communications are crippled, making it difficult to establish the scale of the destruction.

However, the brother of a British woman said she died after being swept away in the waves. Angela Glover, 50, was washed away while trying to save her dogs.

PIF reaches out to Tonga following devastation by volcano and tsunami

Puna said like the rest of the Forum family, he is shocked by the volcanic eruptions in Tonga.

“Even from the relative safety of Suva, we could feel and hear the eruptions which rocked the Kingdom and large parts of the region to its core.”

Puna said he is anxious about the safety and welfare of the people of Tonga and pledge the resources of the Pacific Islands Forum to Tonga.

He will try and speak with the Prime Minister once communications have been restored.